Think Only Older People Prefer Reading Print?

Earlier this week I was reading an article on photography. I thought this article would be of interest to another colleague, I printed it off and took it over to show him, leaving it with him, while he read through it. Minutes later he came back to me and said “That’s very good read, you didn’t have to print it though”

Now, I am a lot older than he is, twice his age in fact! And this got me thinking, is it just older people that prefer reading from printed copy?

So, I did some research, and lo’ and behold, content solutions provider Omnipress had the same idea! They asked people between the ages of 22 and 33 about their preferences regarding reading and remembering information. They focussed on educational and professional information and found that the idea that print is at risk of dying out with older generations is unsubstantiated.

Their whitepaper, ‘ Millennials & Print ‘ showed results from the survey which found that 50 percent of respondents find it easier to learn from printed materials and 58 percent believed that print materials are better for reference. Only 18 percent said they preferred digital content as their preference.

Most young people want all of their educational content online, research shows that ‘millennials; read printed books, sometimes more than other age groups, which I find quite surprising as they have never known a world without the internet, those who think that they only want to read online may find this equally surprising.

The survey also showed that 68 percent of all responses said they would never stop reading printed educational materials, and 86 percent agreed there is still a place for printed materials even though the world is more connected than ever.

It’s no longer a debate about print or digital, but instead, how to incorporate the right combination of platforms to facilitate learning objectives.

Printed advertising has a longer lifespan; digital advertising is gone from the reader’s mind within seconds with the click of a button. It also has a ‘Personal’ feel If a potential customer or client is holding a piece of printed marketing material it adds a colourful personal nature aimed directly at the individual and gives it a longer ‘shelf life’ than digital advertisements. Printed marketing is high-impact and high ROI (Return on Investment) and it stands out in an increasingly cluttered online world impervious to spam filters.

Printed materials are a more tactile way of remembering information, giving a connected response with the sense of touch, making it a more memorable communication. Don’t make the mistake of thinking digital reading is the only way to gain knowledge and information. Each day we receive a staggering amount of digital information and in no time at all, the message is replaced by the next article, tweet or status update. Printed media has a longevity that will last for as long as it is needed.

Tegile: The Leader In The Market Of Storage Arrays!

This is the technology world with several revolutionary inventions. The influence of technological advancements can be seen on the businesses and their work style as well. Now, every business relies on at least two technologies to ease the workload. Storage systems have become the necessity for them to organize and manage the heavy workload. Several new to renowned manufacturers are there in the fray to win companies and organizations trust.

But, the winner of this race is Tegile, which is a company of a new breed of innovators with numbers of satisfied customers. It’s flexible and peerless architecture at best economics has made it the king among all. Because, the other systems lack in performance, and are not capable in offering good performance-capacity output at best economics.

It’s range of storage products is available in market with high resilience capability and several other high-end features to benefit organizations in various types of workload execution and handling. On the other side, other manufacturers are in the middle to process these functionalities in their storage arrays.

Let’s epitomize the powerful factors of Tegile storage array, which are making it the biggest success among business for accelerating enterprise applications.

Flash-focused Architecture:

The company introduced Intelli Flash OS and integrated this log-structured file system in all-flash and hybrid arrays. This architecture also consolidates the data in memory which is further sequentialized writes for better performance result with inline compression and de-duplication techniques.

These techniques don’t only help in reducing the storage footprint, but also maximize the storage capacity of flash along with the performance boost. Media adaptable platform, patented meta data acceleration, and multi-layered architecture are some other beneficial factors to accelerate and accommodate a business and its multiple workloads.

Data Resiliency & Integrity:

Tegile’s storage arrays are based on active/active controller architecture. In this architecture, both active controllers can assimilate and serve data simultaneously. This new architecture is slightly different from active/passive controller. You can isolate the workloads for the best optimized performance output.

Data integrity is always the first demand for every type of enterprise from the storage array. Tegile’s all-flash and hybrid storage arrays fit here best with its end-to-end data integrity approach. Intelli Flash detects the errors and bugs in data, fix them and then, return the bug-free data to the application for further processing.

Best Economics:

Whether you select all-flash or hybrid, you need the solution which can scale-up with your requirement. If you are not sure about your requirement for capacity and performance in the near future, then you have the Tegile arrays. Apart from this, the native array-based replication method of this company has reduced the overall cost of data recovery and continuity. Snapshots and read/write clones are some other features to benefit mission-critical applications.

Overall, you can boost the enterprise applications more efficiently than others using Tegile. Several re-sellers are out there selling its Hybrid and all-flash arrays. You can pick any of the arrays, as per your business needs. If you are searching for a latency-sensitive system, then choose all-flash, and if you want the perfect balance in capacity and performance at best economics, then you can go for the hybrid array.

Tips For E-Waste Disposal!

All electronic wastes, like cell phones, refrigerators, computers, TVs, etc. are collectively known as e-waste. One cannot just throw away these types of waste in the trash. You need to know how to safely dispose of your electronic goods, where your personal data can be stored. Your personal data, like personal photos, password, bank account details, etc., will be ensured by using proper techniques of e-waste disposal.

Every year millions of televisions, along with millions of cell phones, are being thrown away in the trash. It has also been seen that only a low percentage of the electronic waste is recycled or disposed of properly.

A list of how to dispose of e-waste properly is given below.

• Firstly, the condition of your electronic item should be checked by you whether it still works or not. If the product is in working state, you may donate it to institutes like schools where refurbished computers are often used. It can be of special help to donate your printers, computers, etc., if you are running and upgrading an office.

• You can sell your electronic item if you do not want to donate it.

• If you are in doubt whether your item can be sold or not, you may sell it to someone who can sell the electronic item after refurbishing the same.

• If you do not need any electronic item, you can also give it away for free as an alternative option. You can also advertise or sell your items on various online websites.

• If you neither want to donate your item nor want to sell it away, then recycling is the best option for you.

• Always ensure that you remove your SIM card and cancel all the service plans before disposing of your old cell phone.

• If possible, you can refurbish or recycle your cell phone. Recently, the major trend is to recycle cell phones and refurbish mobile devices.

• Make sure to remove all your personal data from tablets, phones, desktops, laptops, netbooks, etc. Take backups of your data on an external hard drive for later use.

• Make sure to clear the history of your internet browser before the disposal of any electronic item.

• Batteries are also considered as e-wastes. These batteries need special disposal as they contain hazardous material. Batteries like car batteries can be safely disposed of by many automotive stores.

Thus, make sure by following the above-mentioned tips that all your e-waste get proper disposal without being thrown away in the trash.

Magento Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Magento comes with plenty of rich features for online stores to leverage from. Every new release of this product has something new to offer. Recently the 2.1 version was announced and had quite a few features that help businesses convert better. Traditionally, optimizing an online store for conversions was quite a task. But with the features included in Magento 2.1, conversion rate optimization becomes even easier with custom Magento Development. One of the best examples is the Abandoned Cart Recovery which is often overlooked. There are many more such features to look at!

Well, here are a few proven features in Magento 2.1 that can help you with your conversion rates.

  1. Elastic Search – This feature is available with the Enterprise edition only. Customers can quickly find what they are looking for with powerful elastic search technology that powers your ecommerce website. As store owners, you can also customize the search experience by setting the stop words, weighted attribute values and search synonyms etc. This helps you appropriately optimize your website for conversions.
  2. PayPal in-context checkout and saved credit cards – Shoppers do not leave your site anymore in order to pay via PayPal. Your credit cards are securely saved too and customers can checkout without re-entering the credit card information each time. It shortens the checkout time and hence optimizes conversion rates.
  3. Visual Merchandiser – Includes drag and drop products in order to create pages that convert optimally.
  4. Customer Segmentation – Customer segmentation is a great way to show relevant content to the shoppers. Each shopper gets the right content.

However, along with using these awesome Magento features, online store owners should also be aware to avoid some of these conversion killers:

  • Make sure that contacting you is easy. Display your store’s phone number on the header where it is very conspicuous and one cannot miss it. Other than that, be available on live chat, email or phone.
  • If your store does not provide free shipping, make sure that it is clearly mentioned on the product pages and in the policy. Show the shipping costs as transparently as possible to the customer.
  • Make your return policies absolutely clear.
  • Communicate clear delivery timelines to customers. Do not give a vague message to the customer saying that their product will be delivered within 3 – 5 days. You must provide them with a specific date.
  • Make sure that the checkout process is fast and does not include endless steps to add information.
  • Avoid any sort of pop up advertisements during checkout. This totally spoils user experience and increases the chances of cart abandonment.

Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform and has all the features necessary to support both large and small businesses. New versions of this ecommerce platform come with great promises. Ecommerce success depends on how efficiently businesses leverage from these new features and the available tools and optimize their conversion rates. So, ensure that you configure your online store to make full use of the latest Magento features!

Elite Magento Development is a leading India based Custom Magento Development Company which provides best Magento Ecommerce Development to quickly set up your online business. We designed and developed feature rich website using Magento platform.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Cloud for Your Business in India

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.
– Peter F Drucker

The famous lines by Peter Drucker explain the importance of decisions, better quoted as the ‘right decisions’, for business transformation and strategic growth.

In today’s scenario, ‘cloud’ is the new way of doing business. It is no longer a possibility but has turned into a reality for many organizations.

In a country like India where there is a mismatch between the scale of opportunities and the talent pool, the cloud is the new hope for each budding entrepreneur. As stated in 2016 ITA Cloud Computing Top Markets Report, “India boasts of 250 million people with web-connected devices, which generally rely on cloud services for applications and other functionality, the key drivers are faster internet penetration and smartphone adoption rates.”

Gartner also expects that high rates of spending on cloud services in India will continue through 2019 when the market is expected to reach $1.9 billion.

With such a wide market of untapped opportunities, it is important to know the right cloud for your business and find out the perfect cloud hosting provider in India. But with lots of variants and options, it becomes difficult to select a cloud which best suits your business, especially in the Indian market.

This article here will help you in knowing the right cloud for your business in India by giving you some quick TIPS.

Tips for choosing the right Cloud for your business:

1. Identify your business needs

When the ‘why’ is clear, the ‘how’ is easy. If you know what your business needs are, it is easy to find solutions for them. Indian market is ruled by SMBs, who are already making their transition towards cloud-based services.

The lower upfront costs and greater scalability features of the cloud are the best features for your business in the Indian market as the initial investment of starting any new venture is a hindrance for many people who have limited resources.

2. Need Scalability with less upfront costsgo for the public cloud

The Indian market is in the growing stage. What is required by most of the companies is a cloud platform which offers maximum scalability and the desired flexibility to operate. Also with its pay- as-you-go feature, it is ideal for an enterprise which needs to cut short its initial cost of running a business. The public cloud gives pace to your business growth with features like:

· Economical setup.

· Easy availability of resources.

· High capacity.

· Utility model.

3. Need high security – go for the private cloud

If your business data and information require high security and individual space, a private cloud can be your perfect cloud deployment scheme. Companies like IBM are now focusing more on private cloud deployment in the Indian market, due to the increasing demands of security and performance by the Indian business houses. With a private cloud:

· Get security.

· Get personal space for your server.

· Get metered consumption for booked resources.

· Get flexible resource quantity based on needs.

4. One option is not enough – go for the hybrid cloud

While private and public clouds have their own pros and cons, if you are still not finding any of them suitable for your business needs, go for the hybrid cloud. It leverages benefits of both the worlds. If you are reluctant to move all applications to the cloud in one go, the hybrid cloud gives you the flexibility to move the applications based on priority. The hybrid cloud gives your business the following advantages:

· Speed.

· Lesser cost.

· High performance.

· Bridges the gap between cloud adoption pace.

5. Search the best cloud hosting provider-India

Even after you get the right cloud, it will be beneficial only when it is backed by the experience and support of a good cloud hosting provider. A right cloud hosting provider can properly guide your business to its perfect cloud and support you during your cloud experience. You should look for the following factors in your cloud host:

· Industry experience.

· Financial stability.

· Good technical support team.

· One stop destination for all cloud needs.

6. Work out the cost

You should always work out the ROI. Though the cloud is cost optimized, it is always good to measure your gain from a deal. Assess your needs and required resources in a way that you are not over-demanding things, and also try to find a cloud hosting provider who understands your business needs and gives you a cost-optimized cloud solution.

7. Stay updated – stay ahead

The cloud is a booming industry and hence, it is necessary to match the pace. Don’t stick to a particular method, keep exploring new cloud solutions and accepting any new changes and developments. It is important to survive in the market and hence, you should try not be left behind your competitors. Especially in the context of the Indian market, which is continuously upgrading, the cloud is no doubt a long-term commitment.